Your peace of mind is our priority. With a focus on premier silencers and tactical equipment, our experienced team provides personalized attention and comprehensive knowledge to support responsible ownership and usage.
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Your Trusted Silencer and Tactical Gear Specialists

At Tactical Guns and Gear, our commitment to safety and expertise comes first. Inside our doors, you'll find a specialized selection of firearms, silencers, and tactical essentials.

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What you get

As Tennessee's leading authority in silencer sales and firearm solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure you meet all legal requirements seamlessly. Our offerings include:

Silencer Selection and Consultation

Extensive selection, expert fitting, personalized, and thorough advice.

Firearms and Ammunition

Premium firearms and ammunition for superior reliability.

Streamlined Acquisition Process

Simplified, efficient NFA item acquisition and paperwork handling.

Our Specialists will guide your Tactical Gear Selection

  • Safety First in Handling
  • Maintain Secure Storage Practices
  • Understand Firearm Maintenance
  • Learn About Advanced Features
  • Follow Legal Compliance Strictly
    "If you are a new gun-owner, have no idea what to get, have questions on what to do, needing to install accessories or what accessories to get. I cannot stress this enough; GO. HERE. Customer service is top tier, friendly environment with the sprinkle of you understanding you are making a commitment of not only protecting your loved ones, but also, yourself. Go here, you will not regret it. PERIOD."
    Alexander Pak